Proud Of Your Parents?

Pride. A usually disliked emotion but it certainly is different when you feel proud about other people.

An example would be your parents. Yes whilst we know they constantly teeter on the edge of embarassing you in front of your friends with a casual remark or two, there are moments when you grin and think yes, that’s my dad, that’s my mum.

Continuing with yesterday’s topic about parents dropping you off to school, have you ever felt that spark of pride when either of your parents have come to your school, be it for a parent’s evening, assembly or a sport’s event?

The reason why this thought came into my head was an old memory resurfacing. My dad came to drop my lunch off one day at school and my friend remarked, “is that your dad? He looks smart.” For some reason, that made me grin like a fool. I better not tell him this though as he would not stop going on about it for years!

Another interesting side of this is of course how parents feel about their children. So for the parents who read this, what have been the top moments in which you have felt extremely proud of your child?

There’s a line in the movie About Time where Rachel McAdams tells the mother, “I have a weakness for your son” and the mother replies, “So do I, but best not to tell him, don’t want him getting cocky.”


Don’t worry, your loved ones will not become ‘cocky,’ or perhaps we all need some influx of ‘cockyness’ to put a smile on our faces and love in our hearts.

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

2 thoughts on “Proud Of Your Parents?

  1. When was I most proud of my children you asked. Well since I believe in the journey not the destination I would have to say that what I most proud of them for is the path they have chosen to walk.

    While mom and dad gave placed a path in front of them we could not make them walk it. Has with every individual they chose for themselves the lives they live.

    Did they take my path? No. Did they take Mum’s path? No. But in choosing their path they chose well, and I am must proud when I happen to notice this and when others tell me they have noticed it too.


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