Nature Or Nurture?


Does the love for books and reading come from nature or nurture?

11 thoughts on “Nature Or Nurture?

  1. Both. When I was young, my mom would often take my brother and I to the local library and spend tones of time there. From there, the love of reading just grew. Although I have been slacking in my reading lately 😅


  2. I think nurture plays a large role, but that being said I think in my case it was more nature. My parents never read or really encouraged it when I was young. (They would make fun of me for being a book worm) although it never stopped me from discovering the joys of reading on my own. I’ve since discovered a lot of family I never met have been writers and big into books as well. It must be in my genes.


    • Hmm your story is interesting as it suggests genes play a role. Of course the thing is we can’t be exactly sure and I somehow think scientists don’t have time to research reading genes for us!


  3. I grew up to be an avid reader, and my mum encouraged both me and my sister to read as much as we wanted to. But my little sister isn’t a reader at all, she just doesn’t like to read. I think its a nature thing, some people just don’t enjoy reading.


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