Don’t Let These Things Put You Off Your Game On Exam Day

Next week, exams begin for AS students in the UK and so here are a few tips to make sure nothing messes with your Zen-like focus and concentration that you hopefully will have during the exam.

Getting to the exam hall on time– You may have swaggered in to class late throughout the year but this is one time where coming late is simply not an option. You have to arrive early for your exams, that is what on time means here. Why? Well if you arrive early then you can relax for a few minutes, collect yourself and calmly take your seat. If you come ‘on time’ however, then you’d have to rush and your mind would be in a whirl. Small things like this can lay waste to your hours of revision.

Make sure your hands are warm– This sounds like an odd one but it links to coming early and I learnt this from experience. If the weather is cold, then if you rush into the exam hall and pick up.your pen, your fingers may still be numb and your brain will begin to panic as you’ll have all the ideas clamouring to pour out but you just won’t be able to write! This can cause you to lose out on ten minutes worth of writing. So yes, go early to the exam.

Stationery– This is basic. If you need a pen then make sure you have two. If you need a calculator then have one! It always amazes me when a few seconds before the exam starts, a person raises their hand to ask for a pen. You’ve had nine months to prepare for this moment!

Make sure you don’t need the bathroom– Yes we all know this but people still end up needing it during the exam. Unless you have a bladder issue then there really is no excuse. It will only disrupt your writing and flow of thought which may prove to be costly.

Don’t listen to people before the exam-No this doesn’t mean walk around with your fingers in your ears but when everybody is waiting at the exam hall entrance, there tends to be people who go around asking if you’ve learnt this or revised that. Do not take in what they are saying! When nerves are already fraught, there’s no need to add extra strain upon them. Simply remain calm and keep telling yourself that you have prepared well.

Finally when the exam is over, push it out of your mind else you may wallow in moments of fear, gloom and doubt about whether your answers were correct. You’ve done all there is to do so go enjoy your summer! 

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let These Things Put You Off Your Game On Exam Day

  1. Thanks for the advice, very useful especially that i have exams starting may 18th! I so agree with the last two advice … oh my god the bathroom “thing” happens to me most of the times, its just somehow i forget to use the bathroom before going to school XD ESPECIALLY with the exam stress and I hate when i get there and everyone is revising and asking me if i revised things that sometimes i freak out and forget everything, its true, we must not listen. to the last minute information and questions that will only make us more stressed, Nailed the article, love it.


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