Explore What?

“Go explore and enjoy life in your teenage years!” They said, so I agreed and went outside.

It was a beautiful day and I wanted to learn how to ride a horse but the riding lessons were far too expensive so I walked on.

The ice rink came up and the coolness invited me in but each session was £10 an hour and I was barely on minimum wage so on I walked.

The theatre called out to me, asking if I wanted to see the latest adaptation of a classic but the tickets were going like hot cakes, so prices were high and on I walked.

The theme park’s crazy rollercoasters yelled out promised excitement but those turnstiles had a heavy price and my wallet was far too light, on I walked.

Travel the world while you can! A billboard blared out and I excitedly ran home to check the website. After a few hours of waiting for the internet to load, I laughed at the prices and went back outside.

Another billboard shouted go on a road trip and have the time of your life but I couldn’t drive so on I walked.

I passed by a driving school and I bounded up the stairs but forgot to push open the door when I caught sight of the price list.

I walked home and thought perhaps I need to blog about this but first I had to change my theme as it was not so engaging. I found a perfect one but when I went to click save, the button said Purchase instead.

Teenage years, much to explore but not much is explorable.

A Worried Student

22 thoughts on “Explore What?

  1. I think the biggest problem is that we aren’t taught to be business and entrepreneurial minded from the get go. I know I wish my parents had forced me to set up a lemonade stand on the corner outside of our house until its profits were in the 200% range! I sympathize with you for sure though. All we can do now is try to integrate business into our lives while blending it with a passion for what we do!

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    • That is quite an interesting idea. However, it depends on each situation as in some areas it is easier to set up a business or a little stand although yes, parents play a role in perhaps stemming this business spirit.
      Of course, it also depends at what age parents should begin introducing children to business as that can be quite controversial for some.


  2. Hey,
    There are plenty of places you can explore without costing an arm and a leg. £60 return tickets in Europe, £200 accomodation for a week. Easily do-able with a part time job! It just takes smart saving and know where to go!
    Best of luck,


  3. My pockets have holes burned in them from my kids until they managed to get a part-time job. But, more recently, jobs have become very difficult to come by. One of my daughters worked in cineworld part-time. The money wasn’t great but she got to see a lot of movies with her free pass. It’s not easy at all.x


    • I feel sorry for parents who have to keep on shelling out for their kids! Hence why one of the reasons why I got a job whilst studying was so I wouldn’t have to rely on mine for money.
      Haha woohoo free movies!
      Definitely isn’t. Thanks for visiting 🙂


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