Well I must say, I had quite a lot of fun creating these things for you guys and girls. Yes I say things because I still do not know what to call them. Site Titles? Since I was young I’ve merely called it graffiti but that seems quite crude now. I hope you like them and if I could not fulfil your requests exactly then I am sorry, I was only working with my pack of ‘Staedtler’ pensΒ so some of the more exotic colours were not available. If you would like to show your appreciation, then please comment and share! You can also donate through PayPal but that is completely, utterly and absolutely optional.


To request one for your blog or for any other purpose then please visit this Page.

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13 thoughts on “Art Attack!

    • Hmm well you can put it as your header image if your theme supports headers although you may need to crop the picture slightly.
      Or you can put it on your About page or perhaps create a static post with just the image.

      Lol a widget are those little things you can add to your blog’s page like recent posts, calendar, stats count and other such things.


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