First Times

Those of us who have entered the working world, be it part time or full time, have all experienced the thrilling rush of that burst of newfound financial freedom. How did you react to it?

I remember when I first began working nearly two years ago, the first paycheck seemed like such a huge amount of money and the possibilities of ways in which to spend it seemed endless. Although I listened when a friend advised me to save up and not go on a wild shopping spree, I ended up spending my first month’s wages on mostly online shopping. Previously, websites which could only be dreamily gazed at were now in my reach and so they received waves of orders from me.

This pattern continued for a few weeks as I enjoyed the power my job had given me but then thankfully, my brain caught up with my overactive shopaholic eyes and I realised that I had in fact wasted quite a lot of money on things that were unnecessary or just simply too expensive. Perhaps shopaholic is too strong a descriptive but to me it did feel as though I was behaving like one as the change from not being able to buy anything to being able to consider it was quite drastic.

So slowly-though not slowly enough according to my dad-I began to tone down the amount I spent and the aim of me working which was to save money for the future was finally being achieved.

What was your first job and at what age did you begin working? Did you react like me to your newly boosted bank balance or did you exercise greater self-control?

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A Worried Student

An update on yesterday’s post and requests: Tomorrow I shall post the completed requests. I am also thinking about putting a PayPal donate button on my blog for people to perhaps show their appreciation but it is NOT for the current requests so do not think aaaah what is this! It will be for future things related to my ‘art work’ so please do not feel pressurised in any way for I would hate for that to happen 🙂

33 thoughts on “First Times

  1. Back in 2003 my very first job was babysitting all the neighborhood kids. I’m pretty sure I went crazy and bought candy with my earnings and a big electric scooter and video games. My first real job was at a Tim Horton’s and by that point all my money went to either gas in my car or for my horse I had at the time. My very first pay cheque was spent on spoiling my family with Christmas presents.


  2. First job was at Wendy’s summer cashier job when I was 16. Lol that was an interesting time, I didn’t go shopping spree crazy thou cause at the time I didn’t really care for such things….now is a different story lol


  3. My first job was walking/watching peoples dogs while they went on vacation and babysitting at 13. Then my first real job was when I was 16(I wanted to at 15 but my mom wouldn’t let me) at culvers and I honestly don’t remember what I spent my first paycheck on. I saved a lot and bought myself a car when I turned 18 which I still have.


  4. I’ve barely been out of college for two years now but I felt as though I hit the mother-load with my first paycheck!!
    I started out working in a boarding school as a houseparent where my job demanded very little of me outside of just being available to the boarding students. However, my housing/food/any possible living expense was completely covered. Thankfully, I’ve always been very frugal so my new financial situation simply allowed me to buy things I truly wanted without entering massive credit card debt. My frugal attitude has definitely paid off over the past year though as I now work for a non-profit where I make close to nothing!


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