Being Sneaky With Revision

Yes we all know revision is an exhausting chore but there are times when it comes in handy right?

I am not talking about that illuminating moment in the exam hall when you suddenly remember that on a sunny Saturday afternoon, you revised the exact question that is now being asked of you but what I am talking about is when revision provides you with an escape from some of the even more boring tasks of life.

Number one, housework. Normally during the revision months, my mum tends to ask less of me in terms of chores as I of course claim that revision means I am unable to devote time to hoovering and cleaning. Also, tasks like sorting out all your clutter or old clothes can be simply annihilated with the excuse of revision. However, this is a dangerous game as it means if you are ever seen to merely be lolling about (or typing a blog post on your phone) then you will be singled out for interrogation.

“If you have revision to do, why are you on your phone? You said you can’t help but you can sure sit on your phone all day!”

So yes, you have to play this game intelligently and do not milk it too much. This means on those odd mornings, you should quickly nip around the house doing small things to maintain the idea that you are still helping out as much as you can. Which of course you are, right?

Secondly, revision can get you out of going to dull places. That distant cousin’s wedding, your father’s odd friend’s child’s birthday party or having to visit your mum’s aunt who has come back from a holiday who you really do love but oh the new episode of your favourite tv show airs tonight so yes, revision is definitely necessary this evening.

There are quite a few benefits to this move because you worm your way out of a boring few hours while your parents also get to proudly declare how you are working terribly hard for your upcomimg exams. Everybody’s a winner. Until your mum unfortunately sees your tweet screaming: Oh WOW Game Of Thrones was AWESOME last night! (which by the way, it wasn’t.)

So, next time revision is discussed in a conversation, simply think of the benefits it gives you and how after your exams, you will have no shield to protect you against pulling out the weeds in your front garden or cleaning your entire house.

Until Next Time,

Oh yes! I have an announcement! In celebration of yesterday’s achievement of gaining 400+ followers, I am going to be doing something a little special. Remember this?


Well if you would like me to create one for you, then simply comment below with the text you would like and any specific requirements and I’ll try my best to get it done as soon as possible. The first three requests shall be fulfilled so quick, put your name down! It can simply be for fun or for your blog but I shall leave it up to you! Once created, I shall scan them and upload them on a post and can also email the fIle to you.

So until then,

A Worried Student

7 thoughts on “Being Sneaky With Revision

  1. AHAHAH! My brother is just like that…and I’m the one badgering him when I see him on his phone! Ehehe…
    I’m completely different though. When I’m revising, I tend to clean/tidy MORE. This morning I decided to go polishing all the mirrors after doing the dishes. It was incredibly fun! 🙂 I like it, because Mum doesn’t have to tell me, I just go and get on with it myself. Once she told me to stop!
    Oooooooooooooooooh THE COOL PAPER (not whiteboard) THINGI!!!!!
    I feel selfish in asking. Honestly…but ah, it’s so tempting.
    Put it this way, if “I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea foam Greens” is too long for a piece of God, what is it A3 (?), then please, ignore me. I do think it is!
    I feel like a baddie AHHH


    • Haha whaat? Tidy more?!
      Einstein’s quote regarding a cluttered desk has become my default retort to my mum asking me to clean it hehe.
      It seems our idea of fun are certainly not in alignment but well done!

      Haha yes the not whiteboard thing. Lol no need to feel selfish!
      Hmm it is an A4 paper as I have run out of A3 but it should fit, although it won’t be on one line 🙂
      Haha well as long as you don’t start calling me kitten again then all is fine 😛


      • Yes; I love to clean! It’s exceedingly therepeutical…:)
        TIDY UP TIME – no escape *hands some wood polish and a cloth* your welcome.
        A4?! Wow!
        AHHH that’s very nice. If it’s easier, you could chop of the “I prefer?”
        I still can’t believe you didn’t mind though -_-


      • The only times I reacted happily to tidy up time was in school because it meant time to go home!
        I’ll experiment 🙂
        Lol why would I mind when I made the oh so loud announcement and you responded! 🙂


      • Oh no, I always hate tidy up time in school. There’s always some unnamed sock floating around..!


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