Just for you guys!

Okay, WOW.

Firstly,Thank you for being such amazing readers and bloggers. Since I began this blog, my love for writing has rekindled and reminded me why I am going to be pursuing a career in English. It is a welcome break from the constraints of the syllabus taught at A-level and has allowed me to meet such amazing and wonderful people.

I tend to surf WordPress quite a lot as I enjoy reading about people’s opinions. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they are from, although it does thrill me to see people from countries other than the UK reading my posts! Blogging has widened my perspective of the world in the same way novels do as I am presented with thousands of different voices. One thing that I really love about WordPress is that despite reading hundreds of posts, I have yet to see any negative, irrational comment which is a welcome relief when compared to other other social media sites.

WordPress has a lovely community and it even got me thinking about how amazing it would if there was an annual WordPress meet up. Shh don’t spoil the thought with the logistics of such an event but just imagine such a thing, it would be the greatest thing ever. A gathering of intellectuals, for if you articulate your thoughts on here then that is what you become, as who has the authority to determine how valid your statements and views are? So yes, it would be a great event but it would probably have to be held somewhere with a warmer climate than the UK, I can never understand why some festivals are purposely held in winter. Who likes rolling around and singing in mud!

Anyway, dear fellow bloggers and readers, a great, huge and immense thank you for helping me reach 400 followers! A warm welcome to new followers and a great big hug to everyone who has made this such a fun, exciting and amazing experience.

I would gladly go on if it was not for the fear of boring yourselves to death by repeating myself from my earlier post, although I do feel like repeating myself because that is how strong these feelings of happiness and community are.

Until next time and with much love,

A Worried-yet happy-Student

26 thoughts on “Four Hundred Amazing People

  1. YAYAYAY!!!! Well done; congratulations!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    *happy dance*


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