Work and Weird Happenings

So tomorrow is Sunday which means a day of relaxation and peace. Oh wait, that is what it would have meant two years ago before I started working. Recently, every Sunday has coincided with my mind turning to getting another job which of course is difficult when you are a student.

To be honest, the main thing I have a problem with at my current workplace is simply the low pay. This would be okay if I had just started but a year has passed without the promised annual review and now another year approaches. As mentioned before, the powers that be have thought of the idea that all teachers at the tuition centre must take an IGCSE exam if they want to be considered for a pay rise. This news was also delivered with the statement that low results would face a cut in pay or the sack. Well it would have to be the sack since they cannot legally cut most of the tutors’ wages any further.

Anyway, so searching for a job if you are a student is difficult because firstly, there simply are not many available and secondly, the ones that are advertised are usually not ones you really want. The funny thing is ones which pay more are only things like tuition (does not pay more for me however!) and babysitting. Other jobs only offer the minimum wage as well as awkward hours.

I was searching for part-time marketing jobs or things like article writing but of course those positions were just for ‘interns’ and unpaid. This means I shall have to once again trundle along on the bus tomorrow morning and trundle back eleven hours later.

In the meantime, today has been rather interesting as I made my brother give me a haircut and he seemed to do a good job (money saved!)
Also, my dad did something really funny today. He went shopping and bought himself a mug which lovingly stated: Love You Dad!

If that is not enough to cheer you up then I suggest watching or rewatching the movie About Time. It is sweet but so so funny in a really classy way. I have never watched a movie twice but this one I have flicked through again and again quite a few times.
Also, a fellow blogger wrongly assumed my gender today. If you would be so kind as to say whether you think I’m a male or female in the comments, it would be much appreciated and will also give me a few laughs!

Until next time,

A Worried Student

33 thoughts on “Work and Weird Happenings

  1. You….you’re a boy. (I’m SURE OF IT. RIGHT. YEAH…OK.)
    Oh. God. This post is mind-boggling now!
    Wait..with all this gender confusion. Now I do wonder. O.O. Be aware THAT I AM A GIRL! You know that right?
    AHAHAHAHA this is hilarious…..


    • Haha!
      I shall sit silently smirking with my arms folded as I casually tap my foot. No comment although hmm yes see earlier comment as I’m sure it applies to one of your posts…

      Haha yes indeed you are


      • Aha! Well I too can sit silently smirking with my arms folded as I casually tap my PENCIL on the desk!
        Ehehehe….fine. Have it your way *sigh.*
        I do hope you finalise this one day. Finalise..poor choice of wording. I mean, like, you know. Oh GOD this is awkward.
        Yay I’m a girl! *happy dances* 🙂


        Nope. You are definitely feline.
        (I’m glad you didn’t object. It was either kitten, or carrot. *oh the perks of a random mind*)


  2. Hmm am I…?
    Woaah carrot! I’m glad you didn’t say carrot else I would have had to recycle the how do you know carrots are good for your eyes joke that I last used a long 11 or so years ago after reading it on a packet of sweets, yes crazy :/


    • Brilliant!!! And I’m intrigued to know of this joke….
      Well. You’re a kitten now so eveyrthing is all hunky-dory. Oh I’m so evil *cackle*
      Don’t worry, I shan’t call you a kitten no more.


      • Oh trust me it cannot really be classified as a joke anymore 😛 Fine I’ll just say it,

        (read in high pitched young child’s excited voice) Becauuuse you never see rabbits wearing glasses!! *cue friendly laughter*

        Evil Mog! Good for else the retaliation would have been oh so very severe 😛


        the joke was….the joke was certainly special.
        And EVIL MOG?!


      • I’LL TAKE THAT. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *choking with laughter <— ooh dear it's descended into a mild coughing fit*
        hold on.. *cough cough splutter*
        FINE, KITTEN.


      • Be careful now, don’t get distracted, the pot is boiling over, don’t want it to sing my whiskers do we?

        Okay I am leaving the cat personality now, plus yh, a cat really is not a good nickname for me 😛


      • Fair enough. I’ll let this slide….*stores magic stuff in the cupboard*
        I am Z. And you’re a worried student.


      • Deepblue..AHHAHAH that made me chuckle!
        HAZAAR FOR YOUR NEWFOUND OOMPH! (I’ve taught you well *takes all the credit*)
        I am positively AWFUL today…hehehehheehe


      • 😀
        Incredibly so.
        OOOOH I feel heartless, soulless with no GUT! I ought to feel remorse *apologises; fetches water from the tap, to offer*


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