Chains Of Exams

So exams are coming up soon for me. For most people, this means a break from blogging but I don’t think this will really apply to me. Rather, blogging shall be my break from the tiresome, annoying and drawn out revision that I have to suffer through.

The sun is beaming outside my window but my blinds are like the bars of a prison, entrapping me in this room of past papers and Parker ink. I am currently loving the beautiful blue colour which I will of course have to leave outside the exam hall in favour of the solid official black ink, although I shall take my trusty fountain pen with me.

What we as students can’t wait for is the moment of freedom when all exams are over and three months of bliss awaits. Yes yes, don’t start teasing me about how you finish in May so it is four months for you. A summer of Barbeques, books, movies and perhaps some form of exercise is what I am looking forward to!

But I am getting ahead of myself here, first I must survive these exams which should be okay, although I would not confidently say this until I have m results slip in my hand. For there is still a chance a meteor may crash into the exam hall or a dog may be let loose amongst the forest of tables or someone may have a breakdown in the middle of the exam. Sadly and perhaps thankfully, my exams have been devoid of any real drama so they are likely to be as exciting and nerve wracking as normal, which means they don’t need any meteor intrusion to increase tensions and heart rates. Seeing the first question does the job.

So onwards to the next six weeks of revision in which endless interrogations on ‘how’s revision going’ will occur and my mind will be crying out for the exams to just be over and done with. Until perhaps the final day before them when I’ll be wanting more time, or maybe not, I’ll let you know then.

In the meantime, keep me entertained with your stories of drama in the exam hall, even if it is not about a meteor. (Sorry for all this space talk, it is Star Wars day tomorrow after all.)

Until next time,

A Worried Student

6 thoughts on “Chains Of Exams

  1. Ugh, exam small talk is the worst. And when everyone sits around and goes “I’ve done absolutely NO work or revision” and then they get a 1st…. yeah, right.


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