Part of a diary written when my mum went on holiday. Extremely descriptive wouldn't you say?

Written nine years ago. I can’t help but cringe at the lack of connectives and I don’t know how I wrote that last sentence if I had already stopped writing!
There have been two periods in my life where I maintained a diary for about a.month and both were when my mum went abroad. Reading over them now makes me chuckle.
Great memories!

A Worried Student

15 thoughts on “Thank God My Writing Has Improved Since This!

    • Haha my nine year old self beams back at you!
      Thank you! Woohoo 😀
      I wrote a detailed account for each day my mum was away but each day has mostly the same things lol and of course all in short simple sentences.


  1. That is exactly one of the reasons why I badly want to have a diary/journal because one day you can be able to read them and look back and who knows what and how you’ll fell then. So cool. ^^


  2. I’ve kept a diary since I was about 10. Its always interesting to look back on how you’ve changed in only a short time, it always amazes me. My spelling and grammar was quite non existent back then.


  3. I remember the time when I used to write a diary. I think I was 11 or 12? My writing pretty much sucked and I can’t help but slap my face in embarrassment of the things that I’ve written. It’s good to see that yours improved too. All it takes and more practice. This comes from a girl who used to write a sentence with at least 5 adjectives. I thought that it made my outputs more creative, turns out I was just being redundant.


    • Haha it is funny how when we were young we thought our writing was perfect but that is the beauty of writing I guess. It is your companion throughout life and it must be great to look back at those diaries and laugh about what your thoughts were back then!


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