Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

Now, since the end of secondary school, I haven’t been an active participant in sports but when it comes to exams, I realise the importance of exercise.

I am revising, I don’t have time to exercise! This is the usual attitude during exam season as everything is pushed back after the barrier of the day of your last exam.
I’m going to learn to drive, after my exams.
I’m going to take up martial arts and star in Jackie Chan’s next movie, after my exams.
I’m going to clean my room, after my exams. (Don’t say this to your parents unless you want to be homeless till you take your exams.)

Everything that is not related to revision is ignored which yes is expected and good but there comes a time when focussing on revision for days on end takes its toil. That is why we are all advised to take breaks but what we do in those breaks can prove to be extremely important. One thing I have found useful is that short bursts of exercise really help in destressing your restless body as well as sharpening your mind. You know those moments when you feel like just throwing your pen down and going to sleep? Or when you feel like punching the wall or scrunching your paper and screaming your lungs out? Well a short burst of exercise can cure that.

So if you revise for forty minutes, then when your break begins, just quickly do some pressups. This only takes around a minute but the resulting acceleration of your heart beat removes the tension that comes with sitting for long periods at a desk. Just try it in every break throughout the day, do however many pressups you can or other intense short exercises such as situps and you will come back to your revision feeling more energetic and motivated.

A thing I have realised about pressups is that for some reason they are seen as a male exercise, hence the term lady pressups for an easier way. Disgusting.
So if you are a girl, don’t think you cannot do pressups, prove the stereotype wrong!

On the plus side, whatever your gender, you will finish your exams with a developing body which will be an added boost to the promise you made to yourself to get fit, after the exams.

Until next time,

A Worried Student

8 thoughts on “Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

  1. That is definitely something I struggle with near the end of the semester. While it is hard to make myself exercise among the piles of books – it does almost always give you a good burst of energy and improves your overall mood.

    Good advice! Thanks!


  2. Even from the title of this post, I knew it was doing to be a gooden :’) revision IS revolting! Thanks for sharing that fact with the world! Haha


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