The Legacy Of Our Teenage Years

If you are a parent, are there some things you wish you had recorded whilst growing up to refer back to as an adult? To give to your children and say hey, I was like you once and here is my written proof. Looking over my childhood things, I began to think about how writing in your childhood can be extremely important in helping to connect with children.

Of course, each parent attempts to portray a sense of perfection and maturity; even if they were extreme rebels as a child you will still hear the words “when I was young, I wasn’t like this” escaping their mouths. However, this only works when children are small but as they grow, they begin to realise more about the world around them, including their parents.

So wouldn’t it be great to have something you can give to your child which you had written as a teenager? All the emotions, experiences and problems recorded to show you were just like them once? That your advice is not inspired by ancient history but your real life experiences. Surely it would help make you seem more human and loving. It would be like travelling back in time to an old friend and would help strengthen the relationship between you and your child.

This is just something I was thinking about, of course I am not a parent yet! It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on whether this is a great idea or not, as well as if you have experienced or done anything like this.

Until next time,

A Worried Student

4 thoughts on “The Legacy Of Our Teenage Years

  1. hmmm… I kept a journal my senior year of high school. It’s a bit embarassing. My priorities were out of wack. I made dumb mistakes, but don’t we all? Maybe someday when I have kids it will help me remember and relate! I never thought about that before… It’s encouraging that it can be something other than a cause to shake my head hahaha. Loved the post!


    • That is the great thing about diaries though, you can read them and reflect on how you were. Photos and video only go so far, it is the emotions which matter. Trust me your kids would enjoy reading it so.much and you would enjoy showing it to them.
      Thank you!! 🙂


  2. This is a great idea. I’m sorry I didn’t think of it when my boys were young. I saved the odd school paper wherein they described themselves and dreams for the future and the like and I had one of my sons keep a diary when we were on holiday, but only for one trip. But yes, this is definitely something that would be a neat thing to have when your children have children…something special to do/see at the grandparents……


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