That Time Of Year Again..

When I hear people declaring that they hadn’t revised during the holidays and that their exams are coming up soon, the first thought that enters my head is “why the hell didn’t you!” Sorry.

Perhaps they had something going on, a family matter or personal issues but those who didn’t yet still remained in their lethargic slumber have no excuse. I find it ridiculous how some students envy others who do well and dismiss their achievements as natural intelligence, whereas an extreme amount of work was put in to achieve those grades. It is these same students who casually talk about exams and laugh about them while making no preparations. The sad moment is when the realisation hits them on results day that they could have worked harder. The saddest moment is when some still continue to laugh falsely, not realising that they are putting an end to progress in their life at such a young age. This is why I say dreams and aspirations are essential.

With studying, hard work pays off. Other than unfortunate occurrences like a panic.attack in the exam hall, hard work usually results in high grades. Many students realise this and it is quite refreshing to hear people discussing how they are working hard for their exams rather than the usual careless and relaxed attitude.

Of course, there are times when revision becomes tiresome but it cannot become so until you have done a significant amount. For example, as one of my previous posts showed, I completed quite a few past papers during the holidays which means now I am waiting for them to be marked. Therefore, a sense of restlessness has developed inside me as I wonder what to do while I wait. Whilst I am continuing to revise slightly on my theory, sometimes I feel like simply not doing anything as it is the same thing over and over again.

Another factor is that my exams are in six weeks which may sound quite close but once you have revised alot, it feels like it is a long time away as I now have to ensure that everything I learnt stays in my head until the time comes to scribble it down. I would much rather prefer for my exams to be brought forward a few weeks as then I would have more months of beautiful bliss and peace, free from the weight of impending exams on my head.

Apart from this restlessnes and the usual worries, things are going along smoothly. The funny thing is when people ask if you are confident about exams and whilst a part of you may say yes, another part says really? Or are you just bored of revising?

Before I end, an update on the post I did about childhood toys. I asked one of my tutees yesterday if they had ever played with Lego. He said he did not know what I meant, did I mean the Xbox game Lego Star Wars? I looked at him sadly, wondering what on earth has happened to the world. This poor child has never built anything with Lego. He did not even know it exists as a toy.

*Shakes head mournfully.*

Until next time,

A Worried Student

15 thoughts on “That Time Of Year Again..

  1. (When my sister was old enough, I made sure we spent countless hours building lovely things from LEGO.)
    And I find it interesting how you wish your exams to be brought forward. It’s good to hear that, because in the past, I’ve felt like this too! As you said, so it can all be done and dusted and ahhhh for that peace of mind. 🙂 liked this post! 🙂
    I don’t know if revision can properly be boring…there’s always the new details you pick up. Yes, tedious. But as you said, rewarding. Outcomes!!! 🙂


    • (That is awesome! I played with Lego at times but drifted more to K’NEX. Alas my little brother has been corrupted by the Play Station and claims he isn’t creative enough to enjoy it.)
      Haha yes the lovely feeling of guilt free late starts to the day and there being no need to drink coffee and I can leisurely dunk biscuits into my tea without a care in the world. (See blame exams for me not sharing your love for tea at the moment :P)
      Thank you 😀
      Hmm it depends on the subject I think. Some like history have endless things to learn and its about arming yourself with enough for the exam while others like English is mostly about doing practice papers and once they are done, I tend to feel a bit lost. Especially because I hate doing things twice!
      Yup keep your eyes on the prize!


  2. I just think you can never be “fully prepared” for an exam, or “finished revision”… as you can always find something more to learn… but I guess if you have “tried your best” then there’s no one to blame in the end 🙂


  3. I can totally relate to this! It irks me when students who don’t put in work envy those with good grades, praising them for their intelligence. However I think this is a false concept that good grades are equivalent to intelligence. Putting in your end of the work, preparing, and doing well is what matters, and laziness is unfortunately commonly becoming acceptable in this generation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed this post very much:)


    • Thank you! 🙂 It is annoying especially at higher levels of education when hard work is utterly essential.
      Definitely, although I feel that many teenagers are beginning to wake up to reality and are working extremely hard for their future. On the other hand, you have some who seem not to care.
      You’re welcome and thank you for visiting! 🙂


  4. I could not believe a childhood without Lego! Lego was one of the largest parts of my childhood, I was constantly fascinated by how everything was constructed and intricately designed. It pains me to think that dropping out of architecture could spell the end of my creativity. I reckon accountancy and finance will need some creative thinking, or maybe my creative mind will allow me to see things differently!

    I feel I may be one of these people that relaxes into exams coming across as If I don’t care about exams but this could not be further from the truth! I admit I should have a PhD in procrastination, the amount of revision I do in the 2 week run up to my exams is god awful, my flat mates barely saw me the 2 weeks before my winter exam diet! I really wish I had the willpower to sit down and study months before exams but just can’t seem to do it. This has changed this semester with a lighter study schedule spread over the past month and into next month, I will end up doing a crazy amount as I lose faith in myself but that’s just me i suppose


    • See! You are living proof of how amazing and stimulating toys like Lego can be! Haha yes as well as the fact you have your blog which is creative thinking in itself.

      I think beginning revision too early is also a danger as you become lax towards the exam but haha you cut it close with two weeks before!
      Good luck! 🙂


  5. I know exactlyyy what you mean!

    And I’ve had that before too, about wishing for exams to be brought forward, because I just want to get it over with. xD And also because I’m worried I’m going to end up forgetting everything I’ve learned, heh. I got lucky with my one exam this semester, having it on the very first day of exams! 😀 Whee~ Made my break almost a month longer :3

    And oh my god, that is so sad D: about the lego thing. 😦
    I need to go right now and make sure my little sisters know what lego is, oh my god, can’t believe this.

    – Rain


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