The Catastrophe And Chaos Of Chargers

I hate chargers. They are always breaking, or making phones and tablets break. When I got a new (brother’s hand me down) phone, I told myself that I will take great care of the charger so that I will not have to shell out ten pounds in two weeks for a new one. I managed two weeks but not three, the annoying thing is these chargers are all the same. They are just lazy and dysfunctional and have the most awful stamina. If they were to have a race, none of them would cross the line. The starting line I mean.

They don’t like to die suddenly. They take their time, a long drawn out death till they finally cough their last spark. The wire becomes twisted at first so you have to almost jiggle the charger as if you are playing Operation until the magic charging indicator lights up. This means you cannot touch the phone whilst it is charging which is extremely annoying when you are lying in bed, surfing Word Press and a notification pops up declaring that you have 10% battery left. The amount of nights I have spent holding the charger in place while my battery level hovers around 1% are innumerable.


Why don’t I just get a new charger? The obvious reason is I don’t love my phone enough to give it a healthy power source. The fact is, it will just happen again! Then another charger will be ordered and another till they all pile up in the wasteland of chargers while my cash dwindles. It happened last time when I had a tablet. It happened last time when I had a phone. It happened this time when with my new phone. So who is to blame? Perhaps I haven’t been treating them right but I do think I am quite gentle with the poor delicate things. I don’t thrust them into bags to take to college and I don’t share them. Well I try not to but when my mum comes asking for mine (because her charger is broken!) then I can’t exactly say no. I tried to once, it didn’t end well.

I think the phone companies need to make some stronger chargers. One with more muscle and meat. All I know is, I can’t wait for wireless charging but of course I’ll have to wait eighteen months after my brother gets a phone with that capability to enjoy such a blissful feature.

Until next time,

A Worried-about the poor health of chargers- Student


3 thoughts on “The Catastrophe And Chaos Of Chargers

  1. AHAHAH! This was brilliant! And I couldn’t agree more…in the space of a month, I’ve broken my phone charger (it snapped in such a slow, disappointing fashion!) and two apple ones. I’ve *cough cough* used my brother’s charger in the meantime..but it’s starting to split! O.O
    Ooh dear…


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