The Joys Of Blogging

One day I was reading a post’s comments and a person had said: “you’re the most mature sounding 19 year old I have seen!”
To which the blogger replied “haha that made me laugh, I haven’t even done my GCSES!”

This is one of the great things about blogging.People’s opinions matter and are discussed, without the sterotypical views attached to their age, race or sex.
It is this beauty of writing which allows people to express themselves in the manner they wish to and to put forward things they feel strongly about. So rather than an online persona being created, it is their true self which is revealed and shines through. In this way, a young teenagers opinions are shown to be as equally valid as an adult’s whereas they would often be dismissed and ignored in the non-blogging world.

Another great thing about blogging on WordPress is that you meet many people who share the same experiences and concerns that you have. You realise that you are not as alone as you thought and that many face even more difficulties than you do. You also realise that humanity cares, people who could easily ignore you are drawn to your problems in the same way that you are drawn to theirs. It really is an amazing community that we have here and despite being on WordPress for only a month, (exactly one month today!) this fact was made immediately clear to me by the amazing response I received and the people who I have talked to.

So dear WordPress community, thank you for being here, you  are amazing, your opinions matter and you are the best.
Thank you to all the people who have viewed my blog, liked my posts, commented and followed. I am eternally grateful and I hope you will continue being a part of this journey we call life.

A Worried Student

21 thoughts on “The Joys Of Blogging

  1. I use to think blogging was almost silly, creating an ‘online world’ but once I started, I don’t know if I can ever stop. Not only has it helped me, but you’re right, people are so amazing and it’s nice to know one voice can make a difference in someone’s life.


    • I think you’re definitely not alone in that feeling. Blooging helps people connect on a more intellectual and deeper level than other mediums. Whether it is personal problems, views or events, there will always be someome who will be interested in what you think.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂


  2. Considering I’m a part of the WordPress community, you are so very welcome. But, It you who we should thank. I personally ADORE your posts & I love reading anything new on it & the tricky part is that I read them out loud as if I’m acting them out ( sounds weird right? ) I hope you go successful on this journey ^_^ Good Luck.


    • Haha this made me laugh! Acting them out!? Even the more serious sounding ones? Amazing! 😀
      Haha well considering I have just spent four hours tutoring English, I can’t find you reading aloud weird! 🙂
      Thank you! 😀


      • Yup even those, Hhh well considering english is not my first language, it’s even weirder reading it out loud with family Haha but gladly it’s not that weird to you 😀 welcome ❤


  3. Great post – very true! The anonymity of the internet allows us to get to know the real person instead of being clouded by our preconceptions of them due to age and sex. It’s a wonderful thing!


  4. Know the feeling. I’ll be 20 in Sept, and people tell me the same thing …right before branding me with the awful title of “sweetie”. Like ugh, I’m not in Grade 1.
    Lol. Great post, keep em’ coming.


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