Late Night Lunacy

So I am standing late at night waiting for the bus with a bunch of IGCSE English papers. Hold on, I am in college so what am I doing with these? Well the powers that rule the tuition centre I work at have decided these should be the determining factor between who receives a pay rise and who does not. Not loyalty, actual performance or length of service but these. Evidently, your English A – levels do not count according to them.

That is not my only concern with this exam however. It has been used a tool to delay the giving of pay rises as almost three months pass before the results are received. In the meantime, we can wallow in our minimum wage world while they enjoy their money filled lives.

This will be one of the only exams that I will not really revise for. It has raised the question in my mind about my self-confidence, it seems easy and manageable but will it be? The part of me that is fed up with the politics of the work place (so every part of me) cry out in protest against this uneccesary exam which adds to the work load of A-levels. The solution? Boycott revision for it and trust my old brain to do the job. We shall see what happens.

Anyway, the comments on my earlier post have certainly cheered me up as I approach the comfort of my bedroom. Yes, I am not still waiting for the bus thankfully but instead was just eyed up by a mean looking dog. The crazy creature was wearing a muzzle and still wanted a slice of me! And like an amazing magical apparition, a police car cruises by.
Safety? No. Safety will be when I walk into my room and embrace my pyjamas. (Speaking of which, what are the funniest things you have heard pyjamas being called?)

Until next time,

A Worried-yet rebellious-Student

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