Exams Loom, Gloom And Doom. Don’t Worry, The World Cup Approaches Too

So the inevitable has happened. College has resumed for most students in the UK and just like millions of others, I walked to class with thoughts of the impending exams firmly at the forefront of my mind. From some, exams begin in only a few weeks whereas I have to wait six weeks for mine. This means I have more time to revise of course but also means I have to wait longer to get them over and done with. I have already been thinking about the blissful time after college where freedom will reign, books will be read, movies will be watched and sleep will be mine to enjoy. Yours too, if you are a student that is. However, I also know that too much of that free time will quickly bore me to death so hopefully I will be able find some forms of entertainment.

With these thoughts in my head, my body surprisingly awake and refreshed after a good night’s sleep, I entered my class-slightly late-to see my teacher hadn’t made it to class. Down the drain went my fired up enthusiasm to study. For the next twenty minutes that is, thereafter I trundled off to the library to do some politics work. Hopefully, nothing serious has happened to my teacher else I will live in eternal guilt for thinking he has just slept through his alarm, or turned into an Irish Priest – a theory put forward by another teacher. 

So as the exams loom, the corridors will be filled with declarations of “I am so stressed!” Well my advice for what it is worth, is to remain calm, do your revision properly, dedicate yourself to studying fruitfully and you will be fine. If you feel like you have a lot of work to do, then distance yourself from distractions and put your head down. If you’re feeling relatively confident, still stick to revising but relax a bit, there’s a reason why you’re feeling confident which is so you do not have to panic in the upcoming exam season. Don’t let yourself get caught out however, it is always better to revise more than you need to than less. 

A more intellectual post will be posted this evening.

Until then,

A Worried Student


4 thoughts on “Exams Loom, Gloom And Doom. Don’t Worry, The World Cup Approaches Too

  1. Hello, Worried student. Surprisingly, there are still people who have “enthusiasm” for studying … not inclueding me, I loved your post & It’s quite hard to worry about school when the summer vacation is like 20 days away ! Gosh I do not even wanna study anymore but It’s good and I’m surprised as well that you ( obviously ) don’t say ” I’m so stressed ” because I don’t say that either !! Gee surprise ! Lolz Loved your post & I enjoy the way you express what you think. Good Luck in your exams worried student.


    • Haha well some people are motivated while others are enthusiastic. A subtle difference as those who are motivated may be studying because they know they just have to for a particular reason.
      Thank you! You are lucky that it is twenty days away for you! I will have to wait until mid June sadly.
      Well snap! (oh wait people do not say that anymore…)
      Thanks! You too! 🙂


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