Students Need Your Help!

A lovely day right? Well it was quite grey but the clouds have parted which is good as the plan is to visit the Olympic Park in Stratford. Please, hold your horses, the Olympics didn’t benefit the locals so much so I am not that excited. This park will be the first advantage to the Olympics being held in London so let’d what it has to offer!

That wasn’t the aim of this post however. As you are aware, this blog was created to voice my opinions about tuition fees and the problem interest based loans cause those who aren’tallowed to deal in it. Further information is in my first three blog posts so please take a look if you are interested. Today I am asking you for a few minutes of your time, you may not know a single person directly affected by this problem (except me!) but you all value education. Therefore, please fill out this survey and share with others, selecting the relevant options which will allow the UK government to understand that there is a demand for an interest-free tuition loan. It will help alot and ensure thousands are able to educate themselves at University level in the future.


Thank You.

A Worried Student

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