They watched the others go,
Fear gripped their hearts
But they did not let it show

For they were men
And how could they fear?
When the enemy were so very near.

They were designed for this.
This was their purpose.
So in front of their foe,

How could they falter and thaw?
Yet they stopped, unsure.
Confused about what they were killing for

Mystified about what they were being killed for.
Was it for fame?
Was it all a game?

If they fell,
What will they gain?
Except for posthumous awards

And glorified mentions
Which call for sympathetic attentions.
Streaks of mud and tears,

Of heart wrenching pain,
Guns, bullets and spears.
Is this, what they wanted?
Is this what they chose?

Time pounced, imposed
A moment to decide
They shrugged and rose

Glanced across their goodbyes
And into the glory of war they dived
For they were men
So how could they fear?
When the enemy were so very near.



Let me know your reactions, thoughts and comments 🙂


A Worried Student







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