There’s a weird feeling that I have been feeling recently and it is that I need the holidays to end.


Well I hope not but allow me to explain. The reason is that as I scribble past paper after past paper, a mound of butchered and pressed trees is slowly being built which I must say I feel quite proud of even if the pace has slowed today. This however is because of the fact I need the ones I have done marked! Since I only do humanities subjects, marking is much more trickier than Maths which my friend recently described as the easiest subject to teach as the marking is almost non-existent. While some teachers will be overloaded with papers to mark once the holidays ends (like my teachers hehe,) Maths teachers will be relaxing with a free desk and the odd question from a student asking them to explain some mind-boggling weird equation. Not to say writing essays is not mind-boggling because as we all know, it is.



Past Papers Galore, Note The Cool Glasses

So I need Tuesday to come a bit faster because I can feel my motivation to do more past papers slowly dropping. Why is it important I get them marked? So that I can work on the feedback given by my teachers because whilst I extol the virtues of doing past papers, doing many which all have the same problem can be a bit silly although you would still be enforcing subject knowledge into your brain, just not refining on your exam technique which for English, is quite important.

If only I could give in these papers and continue to enjoy the freedom of the holidays. This of course is impossible firstly because no way am I typing these essays up to email my teachers and secondly, they are enjoying their freedom before the exam rush so are likely to toss my email straight into the deleted folder, and then delete it from there. So yes, onwards to Tuesday when I’ll be wishing it was the first day of the holidays again.


A Worried Student

P.S: Enjoy your holidays, this poor soul will be working on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “I Need The Holidays To End. WHAT!

  1. Of what i understood, you wanted holidays to end ? sweetie, iI dont know how is your school like but i study science … and trust it is not so fun going back to school XD i guess college is different though XD just a high school ( secondary ) student point of view :/


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