Easter, Part II

So for me, one week of the revision opportunity that Easter half-term provides has passed. For some, it has just begun, which means the week of college or school that they had whilst others were playing in the park (or revising of course) has been immeidately forgotten in the excitement, relief and happiness of the upcoming two weeks of freedom.


So what will be going on in the second week? More revision of course! More past papers, more early mornings and more hard work. It can be tiring and frankly, boring at times but the student inside me continues to claim it is necessary. Last year, when I was fired up with the enthusiasm of the first year of college with my eyes set on Oxford University, revision seemed much more easy. Now, with the veteran status of being an A2 student and the matter of university settled, revision feels more like a chore.

Last year, the Easter holidays were spent firstly in college as part of a study skills programme which was not relevant to revision but fun and the second week was spent in Oxford University scribbling away past papers. This was because of a study retreat which ended up being entirely what it was meant to be rather than the waste of time they typicall turn out to be when you go with a group of friends.


So the upcoming week brings glad tidings of more revision. Waking up early is important and a time in which I enjoy studying as the whole house is quiet. The silence allows me to work free of distractions so yes, that is the plan so I hope I can stick to it.


Onwards to pressurised times!


A Worried Student


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