Easter Break’s Revision Mania

It’s the time of the year when students all over the world begin to prepare for the great event known as the summer exams. It is a bit disheartening to realise I have been through this process for the last four years and that I will continue to go through for at least the next three. That is-cue Oliver Queen’s voice from Arrow- seven years of hellish revision in the Easter break.


Well actually, there may not even be Easter holidays in University. Funny how Easter is on 20th April this year but I remember seeing chocolate eggs on offer six weeks ago! Which means for those who celebrate Easter, they probably buy two rounds of eggs, one that they end up eating before Easter and another to top up diminished supplies.

Anyway, revision has been the norm for the past few years but it seems like forever. I saw a student from my secondary school on a bike today and laughed because that was me only four years ago. Would be two but by year ten my trust old bike had become too small to ride comfortably.


My friends are all doing the same thing, revising, and it is a long process. Not because it is necessarily difficult but doing it takes up a lot of time. My Easter holidays are always about doing past papers but my English exam is two and a half hours long. A long time so I break it into the two sections which is still quite a long time as one is ninety minutes long. Another problem with revision is when do you know that you have done enough? Do I continue doing past papers right up to my exam? Even if I’m getting As in them? Which by the way I do not know if I am as I will have to wait till after Easter to get my teachers to mark them. One thing that does make me laugh is the thought of handing in a stack of papers to my teachers who are always crying out for us to do past questions. Well this envelope of papers I am creating should keep them busy!


Yes envelope, its a new tactic of mine this year. Write as many past questions as possible, put them in an envelope and at the end of the break, count up how many I have done and then feel proud! Good idea? Or Crazy?


This post may be lacking in a few brain cells as I used up quite a few doing my English paper.


Keep on revising!

(Insert brilliant signature practiced a thousand times in class here.)

A Worried Student

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