Moments Of Joy

Joy? At a time when thousands of students across the UK have just ended a day of intense study and revision, the word joy certainly feels inappropriate. However, it can be found in these intense high pressure days even if a frightening six, seven eight exams loom in June. Well I am lucky as I only have four but that is not the point of this post. 


The point is that moments of joy can be found in these dark days, although they are linked to the most hated word in the student dictionary: revision. Normally, revision conjures images of flicking back through classwork and reading over textbooks which we of course know, is not the right way to go about it. Look towards the future and what do you see? Your exams, which is why practising past papers are vital.


This is why after a day in which I spent two hours and fifteen minutes on past papers, I can feel a certain level of joy. I hope that I can feel this sense of satisfaction even more as the days go by, I hope you do too. 


A Worried (Joyful) Student 


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