Transport issues

I am thinking of buying a moped.(A scooter/two-wheeled droning machine) A good idea? I have been told that they are slightly embarrassing by one of my friends when I suggested he should buy one but I do not know why. The reason why I’ve been contemplating the idea of a moped even more seriously than usual is because university is coming up and I have realised I will have to commute an hour each way, everyday. That is reasonably okay for some people but for me it is quite catastrophic. I am not used to travelling for that long everyday. My primary school was a five-minute walk, my secondary was a five-minute bike ride and my college is a six-minute walk away. the only place I have to travel regularly to is my workplace which is a 40-50minute bus journey if you include the walking. So as you can see, I am not a particular fan of sitting in a bus for two hours everyday.
I’ve ridden a moped when I travelled abroad so they are quite easy to handle which means there are two obstacles in the way of me buying one.
One: Money
Two: Parents

I think the first issue may not be that bad as it will save me money in the long run in terms of paying for the bus and train but there are other added costs such as insurance and the CBT course. Perhaps I may buy the moped in my 2nd year of university when I can see if buying one will leave me enough money for my fees. However, that depends on how long I can cope with long bus journeys.

The second issue is perhaps more uncertain. While a moped does not strike fear to the extent a motorbike does in the minds of my parents, a moped is still met with the dismissive “no” whenever the subject is brought up. However, perhaps if discussed seriously I may be able to win my parents over.

Wish me luck!

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