No Mr wordpress email computing brain, I am not vain!

I’m just laughing at the email I received from wordpress saying I’m vain for liking my own post. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! Scrolling down on a smartphone means it is inevitable. Although weirdly enough, I haven’t accidentally liked any other post except my own so perhaps I am subconsciously vain? Is that even possible?

So yes, this is relatively new person blogging which means I made the rookie mistake of having my background image a very similar colour to my text. Customising my blog is also difficult due to this extremely slow and annoying laptop. Hopefully, I will be buying one in the summer before university. That is another thing I am interested in, technology. Also, leather jackets but I only possess one and I do not have a motorbike. I’m a bit funny in that if I buy something, I want it to be of a really good quality whilst my small wallet needs it to be cheap. That is why I become thrilled by bagging a good bargain. And also why I am always tempted by emails from companies about the latest offers. 

So that is a bit of a ramble from A Worried Student which by the way does not mean I am constantly worried, just that I have worries which have increased recently due to the university drama. Teachers are also worried in England tomorrow, as they are striking over their pay. I told my teacher who is one of the organisers in the NUT that a single day strike will certainly not work. They need to have a rolling strike to really force the government into action. Perhaps students should help by refusing to attend lessons until their teachers get a pay rise and more money is allocated for students. That of course is unlikely to happen as shown in the way one classmate to much laughter, muttered in response to the suggestion students should strike for teachers, “who cares?” 

Have something to add or a question to ask? Now is the time!

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