What to do about those dreadful fees?

This problem is exacerbated for people like me who will be paying the fees up front. Why? The answer is that as a Muslim, I cannot deal with interest, whether this is receiving interest money or giving it as interest is forbidden due to the way it preys on the weaknesses of the poor while aiding the rich in increasing their wealth. It is oppressive. A wealthy person-or a bank-can almost hold a person to ransom through the interest rates they set as if the person is in dire need, he will be forced to take out the loan no matter how much interest is added on. Interest is one of the main ways in which banks make profit and because it is embedded in our capitalist economy, it can become extremely difficult to avoid it. Therefore, for my university fees I intend to borrow money from family members which would be an interest-free loan. Mutual aid in action dear friends! This would be fine but of course graduating University with a £27,000 debt hanging over your head like a delicate cliff is not a good thing. So with the help of my part-time job at a tuition centre, (minimum wage of course for silly young eighteen year olds) I plan to only take a loan out from people for my first year. Thereafter, with the aid of my wages and government grants, I will save up to pay for the next two years. The plausibility and my capability to do this is one of the factors worrying me. That is £18,000 people, now are you telling me that I should not be worried about my financial situation? Especially as I mentioned previously, my father is not the richest salesman in the world and has his own worries to deal with which I am also concerned about and feel I should help him with. So the sole responsibility of paying for my tuition fees falls solely on the shoulders of yours truly and frankly, I don’t think my habit of doing press-ups is going to aid much in this case.

10 thoughts on “What to do about those dreadful fees?

  1. That’s a very interesting subject and I’m surprised that no more people are talking about it. It seems to me that the mainstream media has forgotten that this greatly affects muslim students applying to university. Sure, some banks offer financial products like sharia-compliant mortgages, but there aren’t equivalent student loans.

    It would be very interesting if you could talk more about this subject in future posts.


    • Thank you.
      It certainly is a huge problem for Muslim students and often many are simply forced to take the loan out even if it contradicts their beliefs.
      As for why many people do not talk about it, I guess it is because many people have no problem with interest and so they find it difficult to see why Muslims do not deal with it. (or shouldn’t as yes, you may hear of Muslims dealing in interest but according to their religion they shouldn’t be) A great number of people would agree with anti-interest sentiments such as socialists.
      The reason why it isn’t discussed is because many people dismiss it as a way to pay less fees but it isn’t that. If people have to pay 9,000 a year then Muslims do not mind, all they want is the abolishment of interest with regards to their loan.

      Thanks, I will try to in the future

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  2. If worse comes to worse when I was in Gaunzhou I encountered many UK graduates spending a year or two in China to pay off their student loans as English teachers (pay is high and living expenses low – of course that was two years ago and things change fast). Just an idea.
    I respect you and your family for your principals in walking according to your faith. May God bless and provide for you.


    • Hmm yes teaching abroad is a potential option and as you say, pays well. First though, the concern for me is to secure some financial backing through interest free loans from family and friends as without that, I will have to simply take a gap year which I really don’t want to do.
      Thank you 😀


  3. I relate to where you are coming from.

    Again, if interested in economics my advice is look at the situation(s) with an open mind; and once more the old “Ask why at least five times”.

    Capitalism is a term misused to apply to the present imploding systems. What we have is not capitalism.

    Think back to the roots, when ‘trade’ first began. Without trade we’d all be still living in and peering fearfully out of caves (but with the present systems of not-Capitalism we may soon be doing so anyway).

    Quite simply, Capitalism was (in the beginning) a fair (no compulsions) exchange of ‘value-for-value’. Both sides had to agree, freely, or no deal. Can you find fault with that?

    I can see I’m going to have to post on this topic, it’s just too large for a comment on someone’s blog—and I don’t want to hijack yours. Peace.

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      • She’s a totally boring writer but her big work spells it out in great detail.

        Written in the fifties she pulled no punches.
        Russian lady in the States, Ayn Rand: “Atlas Shrugged”.

        If you go there be prepared for a long hard slog, fact as fiction. She got totally caned by the critics then and now, but her predictions are coming true in droves.
        Good luck.


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