Something Which I Like

Have a read of this: 

Reading in a Caribbean accent would help it have more of an effect:

By: Linton Kwesi Johnson

Wen mi jus come to Landan toun
Mi use to work pan di andahgroun
But workin pan di andahgroun
Yu dont get fi know your way around

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
Deres no runnin whey fram it

Mi get a lickle jab in a bih otell
An awftah a while, mi woz doin quite well
Dem staat mi aaf as a dish-washah
But wen mi tek a stack, mi noh tun clack-watchah

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
No baddah try fi hide fram it

Wen dem gi you di lickle wage packit
Fus dem rab it wid dem big tax rackit
Yu haffi struggle fi mek ens meet
An wen yu goh a yu bed yu jus cant sleep

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
A noh lie mi a tell, a true

Mi use to work dig ditch wen it cowl noh bitch
Mi did strang like a mule, but bwoy, mi did fool
Den awftah a while mi jus stap dhu ovahtime
Den awftah a while mi jus phu dung mi tool

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
Yu haffi know how fi survive in it

Well mi dhu day wok an mi dhu nite wok
Mi dhu clean wok an mi dhu dutty wok
Dem seh dat black man is very lazy
But if yu si how mi wok yu woulda sey mi crazy

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
Yu bettah face up to it

Dem a have a lickle facktri up inna Brackly
Inna disya facktri all dem dhu is pack crackry
Fi di laas fifteen years dem get mi laybah
Now awftah fifteen years mi fall out a fayvah

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
Deres no runnin whey fram it

Mi know dem have work, work in abundant
Yet still, dem mek mi redundant
Now, at fifty-five mi gettin quite ol
Yet still, dem sen mi fi goh draw dole

Inglan is a bitch
Deres no escapin it
Inglan is a bitch
Is whey wi a goh dhu bout it?

Studying English Language and Literature at University can be quite intense in the first few weeks as you are thrown right into it. It is not the process you have become so used to throughout your education. You do not simply read a book over a few weeks and discuss different points about it as time moves on. Instead, the modules range from Literary Theory, Language Through Time and the more literature types such as texts set in London, aptly called ‘Writing London.’ The poem above was part of a collection studied for one week’s lecture and I ended up taking quite a liking to it-not simply because it sounds pretty cool but also because of the meaning behind it. It is a sad, yet defiant poem written in the 1980s by Johnson who is quite an interesting and amazing poet. His tackling of the issues facing people-migrants in particular- back then continues to relate to the plight of the working class in London today. The gentrification of many areas has led to people barely surviving and being priced out of their community that has been their home for years.

I would recommend you give Linton Kwesi Johnson a listen on the good old YouTube: 

Let me know your thoughts

A Worried Student

WordPress Does Change..

When I first began blogging around eight months ago, there were certain people and blogs whom I’d encounter regularly and they would encounter mine but as the months go by, the scene changes. New people decide to enter the world of blogging whilst some decide to leave, however, there are others like me who seem to stick to it.

One of the clichés when it comes to blogging is that every post turns out to be an apology such as: “Oh sorry I haven’t blogged in a while!” You’re not really sorry, you’re not sorry, you’ve just been easy which is totally acceptable, we aren’t going to beat you up about it! Unless of course you have been writing amazing stories and left us on a cliffhanger, now that would be just plain evil.

Blogging over a long amount of time is difficult and I have certainly had times where I thought “oh well, forget posting today.” I’ve found that it is okay to do that. You can give yourself a break as you can simply come back to your blog a few days later. 

What can be limiting though, are hard, rigid targets. The most obvious example is the blog a day one which yes, I stuck to a lot when I first began blogging but it should be something which encourages you to write, not where you force yourself to pull something out of your tired mind as you fall asleep. Also, some targets can take the form of a theme such as: ‘Key Political Ideologies’ and you may state that you will be discussing them in the next few posts but what happens if you change your mind the next day? Instead you suddenly decide you want to blog about something completely different like an alien invasion. These types of targets can sometimes crush your spirit as you miss a day and then begin to let your blogging slide until suddenly a whole month has passed since your last post.

Don’t let that happen. There are many instructions and ideas on the internet about how to blog but I think if you want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience then just do it all your own way. If you want to talk about the deep seriousness of philosophy one day and review Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show then so be it!

Oh and to all the people who were right there with me when I first started blogging then my new profile pic is a little treat! Remember the days when you had no idea whether I was a boy or girl, how old I am or anything about me really except of course my opinions!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

Urgh! University Timetables

Apparently, my University has a policy to not allow seminar class changes for students if the reason is simply that it clashes with their part-time job. Except of course, it isn’t a simple matter. The fact a student has to work part-time is normally a good indication that they don’t have money on tap coming from home through the credit card. So surely, universities should be more accommodating?

The reason they give is that as we are full-time students, they expect us to be available at all times during the day but I would counter that with a request for them to use their common sense. As an English student, I have merely eight contact hours which means next semester, I will have two days where there are five hours gaps between two lectures or seminars. Five hours!

Some people may be used to such long breaks but I certainly am not. Although I will have to get used to working there, my optimum place to study is in the comfort of my bedroom and if that’s not available (due to falling ceilings as previously mentioned) then the comfort of my living room is just fine. What I certainly do not like is studying in a place where you have to endure an uncomfortable position, constantly watch how you are sitting and take a five minute walk for a bathroom break.

Also, what happens when you run out of work to do? Do you go buy a can of Pepsi and relax in the sun? Well no, especially given the fact buying a can of drink in Central London every day would amount to financial suicide but also the fact that it is London, hence the noticeable lack of sunshine. 

I am not sure if every university has the same policy. In a way, I can understand where they are coming from as then they may be inundated with requests but I handed in a request for Semester 2 which is still two months away yet was still denied. I do have the option of simply switching my elective module to another more suitably timed one but this elective module that has such annoyingly timed classes just so happens to be the most interesting sounding module of the year! 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

Oh and I was thinking my WordPress profile photo needs a change, any ideas? Hmm would people actually be more willing to click on my blog if they saw my face? A scary question!…..

How Much For Some Coke?

Central London is a bit like Istanbul. Oh don’t be silly you say, there’s no way the two cities can be compared when on one side you have stunning, glorious, breathtaking ancient architecture and the sparkling Bosphorous whilst on the other there are simply glass buildings with lights glinting on the top at night and not to mention, the murky old thames. Well yes, but there is one thing the two places have in common and that is the price of a can of drink.
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The 8:18 (Delayed: 8:24) To Liverpool Street

I saw a man on the train
I saw a man on the train
Words revolving in his brain
His aged head bowed down
Upon pages which told a story
More ancient than him.

But as the train shuddered to a halt
He shook himself from
The calm voice inside his head
A moment of panic
As his eyes frantically searched for the station’s name.

Content. There was still time.
He had yet to arrive at his destination
And so in the meantime,
He’d take another journey
Through the letters of language
And live.


I Am Liking The WordPress App Update

I’m not sure how it is for you but I installed the WordPress app after a bit of a break from blogging as well as after one of those annoying phone resets. I must say, they seem to have improved it quite a bit. Bear in mind, this is the Android app I am going on about, before you start beating me over the head with a textbook yelling “my iPhone app still doesn’t let me upload photos or like comments!”

So in honour of this remarkable update, here is a rainbow to celebrate:


Well, two rainbows. Four pots of gold!

The Life Of AWS

So what has been going on in the life of A Worried Student?  Well apart from the ceiling crashing down in my bedroom as mentioned in my previous post, life has simply been screaming: “Aaah university is alot of hard work!”

The jump is huge. Those people who said that A-levels are harder, I am not entirely sure they were correct. Perhaps they meant the end process, where exams at university tend to not mean as much as those at A-levels but the type of work you do at university is far more complex than that studied at A-level. What I found most interesting and challenging was the way they simply set writing tasks with the idea that you shall be given very little guidance. I think students can definitely be much better prepared for this through a simple essay writing course during A-levels.

The reading for upcoming lectures and seminars is also quite a heavy load. I found it pretty overwhelming until I decided to simply write everything I needed to read, down and then ticking them off the list as I did so. An English degree is not all about reading stories though, there are modules such as literary theory which discusses the roots of language which can be quite a complex concept to grasp at first, especially when you are reading people like Saussure. A name so uncommon in itself that my phone just autocorrected it to sausage.

I am slowly getting used to it though. The first year may not mean much in terms of grades but it certainly is essential in allowing you to develop your skills as a university student and if you don’t get your act together, then the next two years would be a mess.

Another thing I found tricky was the process of buying a laptop. A laptop? Where did you get the money from? A valid question to ask and the answer is that I luckily received some unexpected bursary from the university without which I would certainly not have been able to afford such a machine. It has also had the most welcome effect of reducing my worries about money in general. For this year, the funding seems to be sorted with family helping out with loans and next year shall hopefully go smoothly as long as the plans to save up aren’t thrown into unexpected turmoil.

This has made me wonder though, students who are living at home like me but who don’t have to worry about paying their fees each year must certainly be enjoying the bursaries that they can make full use out of instead of saving for the terrible fees. Anyway, more about money in upcoming posts.

This has been quite a ramble of a post but perhaps you lovely fellows needed such an update after a period of silence on my part.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student