Don’t Ask Me About Results Day!

I’m not really sure what answer people are expecting when they ask students like myself how we are feeling about the upcoming exam results day. Sometimes the question can be easily answered with a simple reply but at times it can be tricky depending on the person. Most of the time though, it is a mundane conversation as you end up telling different people the same thing over and over again. Of course, the same doesn’t apply to the questioner but for you as a student, it can become tiresome. So I think inventive ways to answer this question need to be thought about.

How are you feeling about results day?

Option1. I wasn’t feeling anything until you reminded me of the blasted thing. In fact, I was doing quite well blocking it from my mind for the past fifty six days and seventeen hours but now that you mention it, how are you feeling about the upcoming anniversary of your failed marriage?

Option 2. Results day? For what? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Option 3. Results day? Oh no uncle, I forgot to tell you that I left school. Yes I can’t really be bothered with it all you see, my summertime lemonade stand was so successful that I’m going to move to Spain and open one full-time.

Option 4. I don’t care about results day. Education is enforced upon us and takes away our freedom. Plus, I guess you don’t want me as a son-in-law anymore right?
Do you need some water aunty? You’re looking quite pale and shocked.

Option 5. No my friend, I don’t know what I am going to get on results day else it would be a pretty pointless day, wouldn’t it?

Option 6: I am so excited for results day! I wonder which movie is going to be voted the best of 2014!

Option 7: I’m quite nervous actually. The doctors said I will find out if I have a contagious disease or not. At the moment they are only 87% sure. Hey where are you running off to!

Good luck to all those receiving their A-level or GCSE results in August! Or any kind of results.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student


Picking Sides

Celebrating Eid on the second day is always more lively than the first for me since it is the day where my mother’s side of the family get together. Although there are actually less kids of my age, the relationship between my maternal aunts and uncles is much stronger than the paternal side. Although sometimes it can make me feel a bit guilty, it is a natural occurrence since my childhood was spent more with them, in the happy walls of my grandparents’ home.


Sugar galore!


Eid delights!

I guess this difference is due to the fact my paternal grandparents lived back home and hence the relationship was never fully developed. It was only upon visiting my grandmother that I began to feel that connection but four weeks can’t really outweigh seven years. So whilst some form of guilt is felt, the contrast in feelings is understandable. In terms of the family living here, it would be safe to say I love them all dearly but there will always be a special bonds between my mother’s side of the family and I.

It is quite a complex and sensitive issue to wrestle with, how do you deal with it? When I was young, I could tell that my father would feel a bit hurt that we weren’t showing the same enthusiasm to go to his brother’s house as we would to my mother’s. It is something that has to be nourished and the fact is, my father was too busy working hard to provide for us when we were young so he did not have the luxury of taking us to his family as often as my mother did.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

Those Dreadful Fees Just Became A Little Less Dreadful

I’m not really one to announce things like this but since you people have been wishing me well and good luck in my search for financial help for tuition fees,  I thought I’d share with you some good news.

I have managed to secure a £3,000 grant for the first year of my university fees to study English Language and Literature. This is quite relieving as it means now I only have to borrow £6,000 from family and friends. It is still quite a large number but hopefully it should be fine.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

My Wisdom Is Growing

I know it is not good to boast and I detest arrogant people but today I can honestly say my wisdom is growing, even as I type. Have I been injected with some Gamma rays of the intelligence kind? Alas no, instead the wisdom is growing in my mouth.

Wisdom teeth. Cheeky little things which creep up on you in your teenage years out of the gums of your mouth. When you’d thought that your body has had enough of teething, it decides to sprout a few more. Although it only slightly hurts by making your mouth feel a bit heavy, it can cause you to feel sick with the flu. Hence, why is it called wisdom teeth?

Old people don’t grow new teeth and wisdom tends to come in old age right? So why on earth are they called this! All it does is let adults tease teenagers by saying “Oh now your brain is finally growing.”

It has left me feeling homesick which is why I am looking forward to getting back home (and to my own bed this Sunday. In other news, that is when I should get the 2000 followers post done. I have decided to do a question and answer post, a few (oh so exciting) facts about myself and oh yes, a ‘reveal’ photo of me. Exciting?

Email a question or questions to:

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A Worried Student

Curiousity And Racism

There is a difference between curiousity and racism. When a close-knit community receives a visitor, it is only expected that stares and perhaps even suspicious glances would greet him. Although they may seem slightly off-putting, it is a reaction which does not have its roots in hatred but only curiousity or fear for security. The community does even have to be close-knit in terms of being a very social and united one but may have never seen a person of another race before except for on television. It is the same reaction they would give to someone of the same race who simply appears to be from a different place. So the long stares are understandable even if they make you feel like you’re treading upon a catwalk!

The problem however, occurs when there is already a layer of hatred built up in the hearts of people for anyone who is not similar to their race. This is racism and of course, it is a terrible thing. You would think that in today’s post civil rights campaign age, racism should be a thing of the past but the reality is entirely different. Racism still exists today against people of all types since attitudes change and people’s concepts of others are influenced by many things. I think however, that in the next generation, we should see an even greater reduction in racism but this would only occur if parents teach their children correctly. Else it’ll be a never ending vicious and despicable cycle of hate without reason.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student


Learn In Your Sleep? Yeah Right.

Scientists like to tease us. You’ll see in the news one day that ‘Humans Can Learn In Their Sleeep’ so understandably you read the article, eager to discover how such an amazing thing is possible. It is only when you get to the end that your heart sinks as you realise that it, like many other similar announcements of discovery end with the sad line that much research is still needed to draw a conclusion or that such technology for humans are still twenty years away from being built.

Such a tease. Perhaps scientists are getting their revenge for having to sit through English classes analysing text that they did not want anything to do with except to use as fuel for their experiments with fire. If such a thing was possible though, it would be amazing. Studies have shown that things such as smelling in your sleep the same scent you smelt whilst learning things during the day can help embed that information into your brain.

However to me, learning in your sleep means being able to simply download information into your brain whilst asleep. Probably impossible but it would be awesome. What would be the first thing you download into your head?


Students would love for this to happen. Then again, the entire education system would break down. Great! Right?

People with photographic memory probably know how great it is to never forget anything but they still have to go through the process of reading that information and there are only so many books they can read in a day. So imagine being able to go to sleep at night barely knowing how to count to ten in Spanish and then waking up with a head full off Spanish vocabulary. Or waking up knowing every coding language or every great novel.

What do you think the main problem would be though? Would people go crazy? Would they start advertising for advert space in their brains like Google? So when people come and ask them a question, they’d also have to tell them that ToysRus are holding a sale next week.

Would be interesting to see, if the scientists every stopped teasing us that is.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

The Countryside

I am not really sure Yorkshire can be classified as the countryside or simply a small sleepy town. The people here appear to be friendly although there are the few racists who shout out remarks as they drive past. An ignorant bunch, borne out of fear of the unknown.

The one thing that is more annoying is the lack of internet coverage! It means I cannot browse through WordPress posts as I usually do since they take an eternity to load. Perhaps this is the reason why the racist groups are so angry, they just can’t get connected to their favourite website. (Which of course, must be my blog.)

Until Next Time-which may be when I am back in London

A Worried Student