How Much For Some Coke?

Central London is a bit like Istanbul. Oh don’t be silly you say, there’s no way the two cities can be compared when on one side you have stunning, glorious, breathtaking ancient architecture and the sparkling Bosphorous whilst on the other there are simply glass buildings with lights glinting on the top at night and not to mention, the murky old thames. Well yes, but there is one thing the two places have in common and that is the price of a can of drink.
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The 8:18 (Delayed: 8:24) To Liverpool Street

I saw a man on the train
I saw a man on the train
Words revolving in his brain
His aged head bowed down
Upon pages which told a story
More ancient than him.

But as the train shuddered to a halt
He shook himself from
The calm voice inside his head
A moment of panic
As his eyes frantically searched for the station’s name.

Content. There was still time.
He had yet to arrive at his destination
And so in the meantime,
He’d take another journey
Through the letters of language
And live.


I Am Liking The WordPress App Update

I’m not sure how it is for you but I installed the WordPress app after a bit of a break from blogging as well as after one of those annoying phone resets. I must say, they seem to have improved it quite a bit. Bear in mind, this is the Android app I am going on about, before you start beating me over the head with a textbook yelling “my iPhone app still doesn’t let me upload photos or like comments!”

So in honour of this remarkable update, here is a rainbow to celebrate:


Well, two rainbows. Four pots of gold!

The Life Of AWS

So what has been going on in the life of A Worried Student?  Well apart from the ceiling crashing down in my bedroom as mentioned in my previous post, life has simply been screaming: “Aaah university is alot of hard work!”

The jump is huge. Those people who said that A-levels are harder, I am not entirely sure they were correct. Perhaps they meant the end process, where exams at university tend to not mean as much as those at A-levels but the type of work you do at university is far more complex than that studied at A-level. What I found most interesting and challenging was the way they simply set writing tasks with the idea that you shall be given very little guidance. I think students can definitely be much better prepared for this through a simple essay writing course during A-levels.

The reading for upcoming lectures and seminars is also quite a heavy load. I found it pretty overwhelming until I decided to simply write everything I needed to read, down and then ticking them off the list as I did so. An English degree is not all about reading stories though, there are modules such as literary theory which discusses the roots of language which can be quite a complex concept to grasp at first, especially when you are reading people like Saussure. A name so uncommon in itself that my phone just autocorrected it to sausage.

I am slowly getting used to it though. The first year may not mean much in terms of grades but it certainly is essential in allowing you to develop your skills as a university student and if you don’t get your act together, then the next two years would be a mess.

Another thing I found tricky was the process of buying a laptop. A laptop? Where did you get the money from? A valid question to ask and the answer is that I luckily received some unexpected bursary from the university without which I would certainly not have been able to afford such a machine. It has also had the most welcome effect of reducing my worries about money in general. For this year, the funding seems to be sorted with family helping out with loans and next year shall hopefully go smoothly as long as the plans to save up aren’t thrown into unexpected turmoil.

This has made me wonder though, students who are living at home like me but who don’t have to worry about paying their fees each year must certainly be enjoying the bursaries that they can make full use out of instead of saving for the terrible fees. Anyway, more about money in upcoming posts.

This has been quite a ramble of a post but perhaps you lovely fellows needed such an update after a period of silence on my part.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

London Is Falling Down…

It’s not often an idea for a blog post literally falls from the heavens but last week it certainly did for me. You see, there is no easy way to say this, or less shocking because it is there; clear as day, plain as milk, as obvious as the largest elephant in the room.

My ceiling fell down. 

Yes, my bedroom ceiling finally collapsed after being soaked with water, smashed with rain drops, saturated with British weather. I say finally because it was an ongoing situation which we of course had our concerns about, hence the repeated angry calls to the housing association who appeared to be utterly oblivious to the fact our roof was in urgent need of repair. If I was to go into detail regarding how lackadaisical they were, you’d be utterly shocked and may perhaps even instigate some sort of protest at their head office. Well I am hoping you lovely people would have if I had, say, been killed by the falling debris. 

Yes, my brother and I were sleeping when at 5 am, I awoke to the sound of a shower in my room, then, a deep rumble like thunder before a great roar as a large portion of the ceiling came crashing down, soaking my lovely carpet and destroying my amazing mattress whilst my bed frame looked like it had been dragged through a wet jungle. Such was the dirt it was covered in. As for us, luckily we were saved as the majority of the heavy debris fell away from us and there weren’t subsequent falls after the initial one which meant we were able to escape out of the room safely.

Water continued to fall which meant it was time for an early morning pot party as we hurriedly searched for more pots to place under the now gaping hole in the ceiling. Suffice to say that I am now homeless in my own home. Camping out in the living room can be fun when it comes to weekend nights and you can stay up late playing on the Play Station but it is no fun at all when you have nowhere to study in peace or just relax. As you may tell, I really do like my room.

So what does the future hold? Well, that is up to the housing association and when they decide to get their..ahm ahm I shall not continue for the sanctity and purity of this blog is at stake! ;) In the meantime it is more roomless days for me.

Oh, and here is a picture of my lovely ceiling: 


I have no idea why there is what appears to be cellotape hanging down. Perhaps that is what was holding everything together huh?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

Arise Student! Arise!

Life is hard when you have to wake up at 7 am. Oh yes, for eons and eons, I have avoided the bleary eyed mornings of waking up before the postman has collected his load for the day and those times when I would wake up for school have disappeared blissfully into the deepest hidey hole of my mind.

College didn’t help. Being a five minute walk away,  I could awake leisurely at eight or even later on most days so when university hit me, it was a big shock. For starters, I have only eight hours of teaching a week which may seem absurdly low but a lot of reading and independent work is required. Or that’s what they say anyway.

However the point is that when you have to wake up at seven in the morning to go for an hour to university for a lecture or seminar, then, well, that’s just very annoying! I spend more hours travelling than I do receiving lessons. Not a very efficient use of my time I must say.  Yes yes, revise and work on the bus or train but that is easier said than done. The cool Sky News director I met before told me he did his master’s dissertation whilst going to his unpaid internship each day; God knows how he managed that.

So my body has been quite tired recently, not helped by that exhausting bike ride on Monday! In other news, I did more travelling today to get to a job interview. It was at a very plush office building which I’m glad I didn’t know about until I got there else I would’ve been even more nervous! 


I will find out how it all went tomorrow hopefully but one thing I found interesting was this:


A nice little stream of water. Now what would be really cool if this is actually water from the Thames.

And here, more photos of London for you lovely people…






Until Next Time

A Worried Student

I Was Going To…

I was going to write about how I sped leisurely to university on my lovely new bike looking all brand spanking new and well, unused to be honest. I was going to write about how I got there in record time, beating the buses and even the prediction on Google Maps which said I will not get there any earlier than thirty-two minutes. I was going to write about how I sped home after an enlightening lecture, ecstatic about the joy of being free from public transport. I was going to write about all but I won’t. Actually I simply can’t. It just did not happen you see.

Instead I had a cycling journey which can be best described as a blind mouse running around the cage of London. It all seemed pretty straightforward at the start as I set off with the rain attacking my eyes but after conquering the seemingly endless high street, I entered the maze of Central London where you don’t even have time to check the road name -if the sign iseven placed appropriately- before the fear of being angrily hooted down by cars and lorries behind you sends you scooting down a random street which you later realise took you in completely the opposite direction.

There is a vast difference between cycling and commuting via cycle. When you go on a bike ride, it is often a calm, leisurely, uneventful route whereas commuting means you have to face the hustle and bustle of dealing with other road users and those dreaded traffic lights. You pump your legs to get you powering forwards only for all that effort to go in vain as soon as you see the red light. Evil; motorbikes have it much easier with their skinny little bodies and powerful engines.

On the way home, I decided to simply follow the bus route but as I sped on towards a bus stop ahead, I realised it was not the one that will take me home! So in a roundabout fashion, I eventually made my way home. Now this is the point where it may be acceptable to say something as obscene as ‘never again!’ No, that’s not me, next week shall be attempt number two!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student